Xplora’s highlights 2022

It has been a remarkable year for Xplora. New products, new markets, new services and prestigious awards! Thank you for being a part of the adventure all of this has become! Let’s take a closer look at the footprints we left behind in the past year.

At the end of this year we reached a major milestone with 1 million smartwatches delivered all around the world. In a year that was hard in so many ways for both businesses and people, Xplora is proud to be able to demonstrate solid growth also in 2022. 

This would have been impossible without the support of all the families out there that use our products and services on a daily basis, plus the hard work of our 138 employees. 

Everyday we wake up and go to work with a strong mission in mind; to onboard kids more safely to the digital world. To Inspire and encourage activity, imagination, fun and independence. Giving hundreds of thousands of families safety and security in their everyday life. Kids playing, running free, learning, and having fun – simply exploring the real world. In a world that more than ever is based on sitting still and increasingly doing so passively in front of a screen online. Xplora is all about giving our children a safe introduction to the digital world, and to balance their screen time with physical activity. 


Let’s recap some of the main events from 2022!


The Net Zero campaign

The “Net Zero in 12 months” Campaign was created to handle global problems by acting locally. It’s a sustainable initiative created by Xplora together with United Cities and Collectia, project partners, to make a real impact in the world and change the lives of others. The aim of the Net Zero Campaign was to help thousands of people in Lebanon access a clean and sustainable source of energy, thus giving them the means to rebuild their lives by building a whole solar facility. All could be measured and followed by the number of steps from kids using Xplora watches. 


The campaign aimed to bring clean energy to the village of Bchaaleh in Lebanon by building a whole solar panel facility in a record amount of time. The village of Bchaaleh, like many areas of the world, suffers from a huge energy crisis with access to only 2 hours of electricity a day, which makes basic tasks such as working, eating or studying an odyssey for many.


We feel very proud that thanks to the daily steps donated by nearly 12 000 participants around the world through the free Xplora App, we have reached the steps goal of 1.500.000.000 and therefore have completed the campaign in 2022. 


Xplora enters the Roblox world

In June Xplora launched the game GoPlant! on the world’s largest gaming platform, Roblox. This unique game is the first ever to combine physical activity in the real world with actual benefits in the game. With more than 50 million daily active users on the platform, Xplora’s vision finds new audiences. The game experience supports Xplora’s vision to drive a better balance between screen time and physical activity, and contributes to Xplora’s content and service strategy at the same time. The game itself is a fun and entertaining adventure game where the player has to collect seeds and plant a lot of cool flowers and trees, which again will produce oxygen! Go TRY IT! 


Brand new Goplay universe

The Xplora Goplay platform was already an award winning service used by a lot of you! In 2022 we rebuilt the whole platform. We gave it a new design and a lot of new features! The dashboard is now much more personalized with instant access to more backgrounds, ringtones, eLearning-services, games and cool auction items. On top of that we launched the possibility for Premium services on the Goplay platform, with an extended amount of content specially designed for kids! 


The new platform is the home to our beloved campaigns. This year we had 8 campaigns that were fun for everyone. The Gold Rush campaign was the one that excited most of you, with the possibility of winning a lot of extra Xplora coins. This was also the first campaign we have made with our new Roblox integration. Be on the lookout for a lot of new campaigns with brand new adventures and cool storylines throughout 2023! 

A list of all our campaigns in 2022:

  • Super Pets
  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Net Zero
  • Gold Rush
  • Galaxy Adventure
  • Call Santa!
  • World Zoo
  • Helt Super


Our new products

Never forget – this is what we are here for! This year we launched two brand new models – for the first time in history! The XGO3 is the entry product, but really has everything you can dream of in a smartwatch for kids: Phone, chat, voice messages, GPS, camera, step counter and much more! This instantly became a hit among our customers and we ship out bunches of these every day!


At the end of the year we finally launched our new Premium model – The X6Play! Many of you got this one under the Christmas tree this year. This model has already been given high praise and a prestigious CES Best of Innovation award. This smartwatch is the first that we have built all the way from scratch in house – making it the most complete and best Xplora smartwatch to date. It is fun, playful and personal – and really powerful. This high tech device can be tweaked with 3400 different color combinations with the new Xplora Color Party concept “Switch, Mix & Match”. It is faster, has a better screen and a better camera than all its predecessors! 

Connectivity in new markets

When it really mattered, we made the impossible possible. When we started the year, we announced that we should aim to implement one to three Mobile Service Provider Solutions, outside the Nordics. The results; we achieved five provided solutions, and successfully implemented and launched four markets before Christmas – already activating global SIM subscribers on a daily basis! We welcome all our new customers in the US, Spanish, French, UK and German market! We are looking forward to a great 2023 with you onboard. 


CES Innovation award

In November we got the amazing news. Our brand new Premium smartwatch model for kids – the X6Play, had won the CES Innovation award! 

The CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in 28 consumer technology product categories. Those with the highest rating receive the “Best of Innovation” distinction. An elite panel of industry expert judges, including members of the media, designers, engineers and more, reviewed submissions based on innovation, engineering and functionality, aesthetic and design.

  • The recognition of our X6Play as a CES Best of Innovation Award winner is a testament to our leadership in the design and development of kids’ wearables. Our smartwatches provide children with a safe onboarding to the digital world, says Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora.

Xplora in the cinemas

This year we had two great collaborations with film companies. 

In October we wrapped up the exciting partnership with the almighty Warner Bros. Entertainment with the DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS campaign. Families all around the world were 34% more active everyday by engaging in the Super-Pets campaign on our Goplay-platform and this became the 3rd best performing campaign of all time on our platform. Xplora delivered over 25 million impressions in total for the movie.

Then we were partners on the Norwegian animation movie Helt Super! This fun and emotional family movie about a girl born into a superhero family – but not having one single of the attributes fill such a role. But as we at Xplora knows – you don’t have to be a superhero to be super! And there are a lot of ways to be good human beings. The movie is made by Qvisten Animations, which is behind 20 award winning animation movies. Go see it! 

In Germany we made a partnership with Sony on the huge new Die Drei-movie, which is very popular in the country. The final result of this will actually be seen right after new year, so be sure to join the campaign when it is up and running! It will be a funny story about the search for Dracula himself!

A glimpse into 2023…

As 2022 was the most exciting and active year for Xplora so far, there still will be no rest in 2023! We will continue to introduce our brand new smartwatches into new markets and build new services for all of you fantastic Xplora smartwatch owners! The new Goplay platform will grow rapidly the first months so be sure to check out what’s going on there! You will never have more use for those hard earned Xplora coins in the year to come as we will fill it with tons of content for you and your kids to enjoy. 

On the product side we will have one huge release in the first quarter of 2023 – our new flagship model – the X6Pro – will be launched into the German, Norwegian and Finnish markets! This is unlike anything this category has ever seen. With outstanding technical specifications. 


We want to thank all of our great Xplora smartwatch users for your support in 2022 and  hope to still see you all in 2023! 


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